Modcott Piano Co. provides partial and total restorations for pianos all shapes, sizes, and makes: historic uprights, concert grands, and spinets. Our goal is to make your piano better than ever, and for your instrument to stand the test of time.



Bridge & Soundboard

We do some of our best work inside your piano - restoring the integrity and richness to the sound of your instrument.

  • Soundboard repair and refinishing

  • Bridge refabrication, pinning & renotching

  • Plate refinishing, polishing & crack repair

ModCott Pianos 49.jpg

Case Refinishing

Our meticulous approach to the case of your piano brings will bring out unexpected depth and clarity to the build of your piano. We honor the historic style of your case, but use water-based finished that are less toxic and honor the future.

  • Black finishes from satin to mirror polish

  • Restaining and veneer repair

  • Refabricating and restoring period wood carving

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Pinblock, Action & Strings

Let us breath new life into your piano's playability. Our pinblocks are highly regarded in the industry for their durability and precision, ensuring your piano will hold tune for generations. 

  • Wound bass & steel treble strings for any piano

  • Pinblock replacement and repair

  • Keytop repair

  • Action repair

  • Regulation and balancing