Perhaps it was constructed with a few couch cushions, a chair for stability and a couple blankets strewn over the top. Or possibly some old plywood and 2×4′s hammered recklessly into a backyard tree.  It’s a familiar experience for most of us and an even more endearing memory when as a child someone we admired took the time and materials from the immediate surroundings to build us a fort. Creating a safe place  for our young imaginations to explore new worlds by flashlight, among tree branches or tactile woven walls. The Piano Fort is a  reincarnation of the same experience. Built from materials at hand (for us it just happened to be grand pianos) and in appreciation of people we as adults hold in great admiration. Musicians, for the love and beauty of what they do; and organizations that are working hard, still creating a safe places for people of all ages to explore and grow.

The piano shop by day is occasionally transformed into a  musicians playground at night. A stage built on grand pianos, Full PA, Lights, Art, and room for 150 plus friends to gather and enjoy music. Look up and “like“  The Piano Fort’s Facebook page to stay in the loop. Because like all forts, this one is constantly changing.