Piano Refinishing

At Modcott Piano Company, we take the art form of case finishing to new levels.  In finish work we blend what is historically accurate with modern materials and environmentally conscientious practices.  Our process consists of a full finish strip using a nontoxic and biodegradable stripping agent.  After the case has been meticulously sanded and all damages have been repaired, a hybrid stain and traditional shellac sealers are applied to give the wood the warmth and beauty lost in many methods of refinishing.  We then continue with topping off the finish with the highest grade waterborne lacquers.  After all coats are applied and fully cured, the finish is then honed and polished to perfection.  We treat each piano on an individual basis as an art piece.  Our goal in refinishing is to preserve the instrument through adding value that is visually obvious.  Your piano will come back home looking better than it ever has, with no harmful fumes or off-gassing.  Because of our attention to detail, we expect our finishes will grace the instrument for the next 50-100 years.  Our rates are very competitive and we are regularly backlogged. The process itself takes 6-8 weeks with dry times and cure times, so scheduling it in advance may be an important consideration. Loaner pianos are available if needed.  Let us add new life and beauty to your piano.

  1. Laffargue & Co. upright,with a hand polished satin luster finish.
  2. Steinway O,ebony satin luster with mahogany accent on inner rim and fall board.
  3. Behning uprightwith an ebony satin luster finish. We can reproduce any decal.
  4. Knabe upright,figured mahogany with a hand polished satin finish.
  5. Steinway O plate finish with hand painted lettering. Polished original bolts and hitch pins. Our soundboards also receive a closed pour, hand sanitized finish.
  6. Brass castors,like all hardware on pianos we restore, receive careful attention.