Shop Family

As of October this year, I’ve been serving the piano industry seventeen years, ten of those working in stores and in my mentors’ rebuilding shops.  During the early years while working with harsh chemicals, I became concerned about safety and long term health issues.  The First few years After becoming self employed, I operated my business strictly from home, so developing a clean, safe system for piano rebuilding and refinishing became a must.  I an proud to say that we are nearly a solvent free company. The business has outgrown the limitations of Sarah’s and my home, and we have added a commercial space.  But I will continue to use the products that made it safer for myself and my family in the shop.  Because what has been good for us, is good for you. ~ Sam Evans..

  1. Drake is ready for the noise.
  2. Drake with vice-grips and an idea.
  3. Drake working on his idea.
  4. If dad can do it, I can too..
  5. Lylah playing a song
  6. Stella (our dog) is Lylahs audience.
  7. I\'m completing a finish repair on a mahogany polish music shelf.
  8. My wife Sarah doesn\'t like to breath wood fibers. (I can\'t blame her)