Pianos For Sale

Rather than saying Pianos for sale, I should say Restorations or Rebuilds for sale.  We will give you the piano if you choose to fund its restoration in our shop.  There is no way to mark up and profit from many of the remarkable but somewhat obscure pianos manufactured around the turn of the century.  In most situations the restoration costs alone are equal to the piano’s market value when completed, making them sadly unmarketable in a retail setting.  I cannot bear, however, to see a piece with great potential end up in a landfill.  As a result I keep a small collection of these relics around to be restored when I find the time or until such time as someone finds them. Many more piano inventory images coming soon including:  Steinway, Knabe,  Chickering, Everett, Decker Brothers,Wurlitzer, Behr Bros, Julius Bauer, Broadwood, and others.

  1. 1890 6\'3\" Knabe grand with amazing potential. This piano will be receiving a completely new modern action, will be refinished and rebuilt. An art piece with haunting historic tone combined with modern playability. The definition of a Modcott piano. $39,000 when complete.
  2. A 7\'4\" Gildemeester and Kroeger.A lesser known piano but with high performance potential. we would love to rebuild this piano with someones preferences in mind. (finish, action, string scale) pricing options from $33,000.
  3. Gildemeester & Kroeger 7\'4 undergoing complete rebuild 40k when completed.
  4. Gildemeester & Kroeger leg detail.
  5. Beautiful Chickering upright options from $1800
  6. Chickering upright
  7. Chickering upright
  8. Weber cottage upright undergoing restoration. options from $5500.